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A Collection celebrating air displays,aerobatics, test flying, and all things aeronautical.

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Patrick Long.
Army Air Corps pilot, during which time his aircraft was hit by a bullet from the IRA!  Flying many public parachute drops.
All photo's from Patricks logbook. 
Beaver hit by enemy fire, marked by exclamation mark.
10th December 1974 trip in a T2 Harrier XW272.
XW272 as the 10th December trip (photo not from logbook)
3 Chipmunks from Army Air Corps
Supply drop open day demo in Beaver XP810.
Supply drop demo as per 6th July 1975.
2 Beavers from the AAC, the type  of aircraft in which Patrick was hit by gunfire from the IRA.
Formation of 6 Beavers to commemorate the end of the Beaver in Germany.
Beaver display at Dumpel 31st August 1975.
Dumpel display cutting.
Netheravon Village parachute display. 30th April 1977 (See below)
Article about the Netheravon show.
Getting rid of the morning snow (or schnee I suppose.) Germany
Couple of pictures of the beaver in the Harrier lair of Dumpel. July 1975.
Patrick's thoughts on some of his passengers.
Certificate for the award of Patrick's wings.
Parachute demo at Dumpel 19th September 1976.
Certificate from the British Parachute Association.
G AXHE Islander used for parachute dropping.
Survival course certificate 1973.
Chipmunk WP964 in camouflage.
Label from Gopher Airways BATUS (British Army Training Unit Suffield) the training base for the AAC in Canada.
Cartoon of the Army Parachute Centre from Punch magazine 1975.
 Patrick's 2nd Log book.
1977 and early 1978 Patrick flew the Trislander and Otter for Loganair.
Oil rig spares being unloaded at Asturias Northern Spain.
East Midlands?
In April 1978 Patrick started flying the Argosy for Air Bridge Carriers based at    Castle Donnington airfield.
Loading racehorses at Beauvais. Summer 1979.
His final flight on the Argosy appears to have been in July 1981.
Netheravon's Islander at the  Rapa meet Bad Lippspringe July 1980.
7 AEF Chipmunk
Red Freds about to TACEVAL St Mawgan! 5/6th May 1982.
Hawk trip with Glenn Torpy, later Air Chief Marshall. March 1982.
Stampe G ATKC first flown 22nd March 1982
April 1983.
G-RAPA Islander on delivery flight June 1982.
1st solo on cloud!      Summer 1983.
Slow rolls in the Chipmunk. Summer 1981.
Seaking, Jaguar T2, Chipmunk, and Islander on one page. August 1981.
Islander G AYRU taken from G BBRP over Netheravon.
7 AEF Chipmunk over Nottingham.
Turbine Islander demonstrator G-BJOH taken during NAAFI break at Sandown Isle of Wight. 
Euroair Islander on lease to JSPC(N) vice RP (cat V)  May 1982.
August 1982.
High Summer at Netheravon.  1983.
Spring 1984.
G-OAPA Autumn 1983.
June 1984.
The Omani Parachute Team.
Spanish Army Parachute Team sticker.
Dive exit during dawn to dusk Summer 1985.
(Top) Patrick under GQ unit 200 over Long Marston. July 1985.
(Bottom)  Simon Ward packing at Dunkeswell. July 1985.
(Left)G AZRZ at 16 Flt airstrip Dhekelia.
(Right) Kingsfield looking West.   Summer 1985.
Charles Shea Simonds Tiger Moth September 1985.
Patricks' Army Air Corps beret.
Spare pair of AAC wings.