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A Collection celebrating air displays,aerobatics, test flying, and all things aeronautical.

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Red Arrows.
Eric Tilsleyleather badge from flying suit, or jacket. Eric flew No8 in 1965 (the teams first season) he was the teams only reserve pilot, and also flew as a solo pilot.

David Montenegro. Red Suit.
Current leader.

Sqn Ldr Montenegro

David, was educated at Alleyn’s School, Dulwich where he was a member of the Combined Cadet Force and awarded an RAF Flying Scholarship in his final year. David went on to gain a BA (Hons) in Politics and Theology at the University of Manchester. Keen on all aspects of aviation from an early age, it was his experience on Manchester and Salford University Air Squadron that firmly set his sights on a career in the RAF.


David joined the RAF in April 1999 and, on completing fast jet flying training, he was selected to become a Qualified Flying Instructor on the Hawk TMk1 for his first tour. Graduating from the NATO Tactical Training Course at RAFC Cold Lake, Canada in 2005, David was posted to 25(F) Squadron at RAF Leeming, flying the Tornado F3. Ensuring the UK and Falkland Island Air Defence capabilities on Quick Reaction Alert, David also completed several multi-national training exercises in Europe and the Middle East.

In 2008 David was selected to join the Red Arrows, his 3 years as a team member culminating in the role of Red 6, Synchro Leader. Following an operational tour in the Middle East working with coalition partners, David was posted to 72(R) Sqn, RAF Linton-on-Ouse, as a Flight Commander instructing the next generation of RAF and RN fast jet pilots.

Signed by the original 2012 team.
Sqn Ldr Jim Turner  Red Suit.
Jim Turner was the leader of the Red Arrows from 2012 -2014, his final season being the teams 50th anniversary.
On completion of flying training, Jim was posted to No 41(F) Sqn flying the Jaguar GR3A at RAF Coltishall in Norfolk. In 2000, Jim completed the Qualified Weapons Instructor course, which enabled him to return to the front line as the Weapons Instructor on No 54(F) Sqn. During these front line tours, Jim flew in aerial reconnaissance and ground attack roles on numerous exercises throughout Europe, the Middle East, Canada and North America.
He also flew operational sorties over Northern Iraq, enforcing the ‘no-fly zones’ established after Operation DESERT STORM. A tour on the Operational Conversion Unit teaching trainee pilots and weapons instructors followed and in 2004, Jim was selected as the Royal Air Force Jaguar Display Pilot. Jim was then selected for the Red Arrows, joining the Team in 2005 flying No 5. He went on to fly as Synchro 2 in 2006, and as Synchro Leader in 2007.
Following his tour on the Team, Jim spent 3 years in the Middle East teaching the Royal Saudi Air Force Aerobatic Team and acting as their official adviser. On completion of this tour, Jim returned almost immediately to the Middle East with a deployment to the Combined Air and Space Operations Centre in Qatar, responsible for supporting air operations in Afghanistan. Jim has over 3500 hours of flying time.
John Rands.
John joined the R.A.F. in 1978 basic training on Jet Provosts was at Linton on Ouse.
He then went onto the Hawk at Valley and Chivenor. He was then posted to Binbrook
on the Lightning Training Flight, his 1st tour was with 5 Squadron, he left Binbrook in 1986 to join the Red Arrows. John flew No 8 in 1987, No7 in 1988, and lead singleton
No 6 in 1989.
He then went onto the Harrier with 233 Operational Conversion Unit at Wittering. John then went to R.A.F. Gutersloh with 3 Squadron as a flight commander
the Squadron was then moved to Laabruch. At the end of 1993 John returned to the Red Arrows as leader from 1994  to the end of 1996. In 1996 he was the subject of an episode of 'This is your life', when the original target Ray Hanna got away.
Suit is signed by 2012 team before it was reduced to 7, after the withdrawl
of Kirsty Stewart.
Spike Jepson Red Suit.
Squadron Leader Carl ‘Spike’ Jepson took command of the Red Arrows in November 2001. He joined the RAF in 1983 and his first front-line tour was on the Harrier GR3 with 1(F) Squadron, participating in exercises in Norway, Denmark and the USA. Sqn. Ldr. Jepson was selected for The Red Arrows in 1994.
He was then posted to Dharan in Saudi Arabia where he trained the Royal Saudia Air Force Aerobatic Team from scratch. On his return to the UK, Sqn. Ldr. Jepson was once again posted to fly the Harrier and, amongst other things flew peacekeeping missions over the Balkans and operated from HMS Illustrious. He served as Flight Commander on 3(F) Squadron, RAF Cottesmore before taking command of the Red Arrows.
Sqn Ldr Pete Collinsred suit. Pete flew  No 4 1986, No 2 1987, No 4 1988.
Pete Collins ejected from Red Arrows Hawk XX304 on take off 24th June
1988 at RAF Scampton, he suffered back and facial injuries. He later became
the test pilot for Flight International magazine.

Flt Lt Al Hunt. Gnat era red suit. 
Alan Hunt was the teams engineering officer from 1975 to 1977.
Alan took over from Ian Brackenbury and was succeeded by Bob Lewis 

Flt Lt Martin Cliffred suit.
Martin was an instructor on the Harrier at Wittering before joining the team.
Martin flew No 3 in 1989, No 9 in 1990, No 9 in 1991.
In 1990 Martin was part of the team that was the first western team to fly in the Soviet Union. This is the 1989 suit.
Winter training name badge, as sewn onto standard green flying suit.
Martin Cliffs leather flying jacket, as worn with Red Arrows. This example was worn during the 1989 and 1990 seasons. It was worn on the tour of Russia.
Sqn Ldr Scott Morley red suit.
Joining the Red Arrows in 2005 he flew No 2, 2006 No 4, 2007 No 8. 

Originally from Leicester, his first flying experience was as an air cadet with 2070 (Glenfield) Squadron Air Training Corps.


He was awarded a Royal Air Force Sixth Form Scholarship whilst studying at Groby Community College and learnt to fly at the young age of 18. On leaving school, he immediately joined the Royal Air Force.Scott's first operational fast-jet tour was on the Harrier aircraft with No. 3 (Fighter) Squadron. 


After completing the Harrier Qualified Weapons Instructor (QWI) course, Scott joined No. IV Army Cooperation Squadron where he undertook operational missions in the Balkans and Iraq.During this time Scott was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his contribution to Royal Air Force operations in Iraq.


In 2004, Scott became the Royal Air Force Harrier Role Demonstration pilot, displaying at air displays throughout the UK and Eire.


Christian Gleave   Red Suit.
Flew with the team 2001 No3, 2002 No5, 2003 No9.  Then flew as a flight commander with 4 Sqn Harriers. He later went on to command 100 Sqn flying Hawks.
Pilots t-shirt signed by 2011 team.
Detail of autographs.

Gnat era squadron badge taken from suit.

Tony Hill's blue suit. Tony was a circus member with Pete Collins.

Andy Cole
Junior Technician Andy Cole's Visor cover (with visor). Andy was part of the 'flying circus' the group of groundcrew who fly in the back seats of the Hawk, enabling them to look after their aircraft, when it is away from its base.
Red Arrows ear defenders. 
Survival knives from the Red Arrows, including Dave Stobie's knife.
'Griff' Griffinsblue suit from 1991. 
Griffs leathercraft flying jacket. 
Jacket label, note embroidered name
Dave Caldwell.
Second embroidered badge sewn inside jacket, not sure why. 
 Kenneth Simpson.
 Kenneth Simpson's blue suit.
Details of the suits embroidery
Steve Herbert's rain coat.
Embroidered detail. Steve served with the Red Arrows between 1985 and1987.
Pete Mackenzieblue suit. Pete joined the blues in July 1987 and left the team
in 1996.
Pete MacKenzie flying jacket.
The jacket has travelled to many countries including Sweden, Hungary,Belguim, Portugal, Italy, France, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Spain, Switzerland,Luxembourg. His final trip was the Far East tour visiting UAE, Pakistan, India,Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.
It was also lent to Steve Johnson (Synchro Lead), John Rands (Leader),Spike Jepson, and Benny Ball for displays
Alan Milliganjacket.
Document bag fromAndy Lewis1998-2000 team pilot.

Andy Cubin.
Red Arrows polo shirt.
Gary Fraiser. 1995 suit.
Mick Doyle. 2007 suit.

Si Evans  2007 suit.