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A Collection celebrating air displays,aerobatics, test flying, and all things aeronautical.

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Red Arrows Gnat era.
Nearly all the photo's in this section were taken in June 1975. If I remember correctly the team had returned from Europe, thus the fuel tanks. Someone has said that some of the photo's are duplicates, in fact all are different, they just look the same!
RAF Kemble sign 1975.
Squadron Leader Dickie Duckett's Gnat. Sqn Ldr Duckett had flown with the team from 1968-1970, he then returned to lead the team in 1975 staying until the end of 1976.
Central Flying School badge on the side of the Gnat, seat strap hanging down.
Canopies raised. 
Some indication of the compact height of the Gnat, no step ladders needed for photography. 
Detail of the canopy release handle, from Sqn Ldr Duckett's Gnat.
Dickie Duckett with Cpl MacKinder as back seater, not sure if they were known as circus members in those days. 
Detail of the radio in the front cockpit. 
Silver Rolls Royce badge. The engine used in the Gnat was the Rolls Royce Orpheus.
The ejection seat was a Folland design.
Forward view of Gnat flown by Sqn Ldr Brian Hoskins, a future leader of the
team, and the man who led them at the time the team converted to the Hawk.
Detail of the main undercarriage. Everything neat and tidy on the Gnat.
Side view of Sqn Ldr Brian Hoskins aircraft.
Front undercarriage.
XS111 was the final Gnat ever built. It was also the mount of Ray Hanna,
in the 1960's. 
Flt Lt Bruce Donnelly flew with the team from 1973 to 1975.
Flt Lt John Blackwell flew with the team in 1975, rejoining as leader in 1982 remaining until the end of 1984. 
Flt Lt Des Sheen flew with the team between 1973 and 1975. 
Detail of the Folland ejection seat.
Long range tanks fitted. 
Front cockpit.  
Gnat flown by Flt Lt John Blackwell.
Further detail of the ejector seat.
Another view of Sqn Ldr Brian Hoskins aircraft.
Electrics for the long range tanks.
Detail of the ejector seat.
Detail showing the rear access step.
Displaying with the tanks fitted, Biggin Hill I think.
Getting rid of the fuel tanks. 
Wineglass formation complete with tanks fitted.
Taxying in 1978 or 1979. Note Royal Air Force on nose.
The teams Mini van, 1977 manager Mike Whitehouse standing beside.
A couple of 4FTS Gnats at the end of the Arrows line up.
Leaders benefit formation.
The two tubes shown pushed diesel into the exhaust to produce smoke.
Front wheel.
Singletons during a winter practice sortie.
Close up of a formation late in the Gnat era.
Taxiing in front of the Belguim Swallows team.
Diamond Nine.
Singleton over the Palace Pier  Brighton.
The classic Diamond Nine.
Singletons split off.
Low level Brighton.
Undercarriage down Brighton.
Farnborough take off 1974.
Undercarriage roll back. Winter training 1977.
Meteor gate guardian Kemble 1977.